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foot switch with dimmer transparent

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Lamp load selection
This dimmer can be easily programmed on start-up to control a variety of lamp loads.
All you have to do is press and hold the button for more than 10 seconds and check the colour of the LED indicator light.

When programming, you can cycle through different types of lamp load with each press of the button.
Once you have selected the one you require, all you have to do is wait for 10 seconds without pressing anything and the device will then be ready for operation.
You can check the colour of the LED indicator light to ensure you have selected the correct load.

Technical characteristics:
- Silent, buzz-free operation
- Connects to terminal block
- IP protection: IP20 (for class I and II luminaires)
- Duty type: S1 (continuos operation)
- Level of glow wire test: 1
- Circuit disconnection: Electronic
- Pollution degree: 2
- Overload and short circuit.

For halogen and LED light bulbs between 5 and 250 W.