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Flossing is an important routine for accessing hard-to-reach places between teeth to prevent tooth decay, gum disease and tartar. Solid and durable, this dental floss is coated with an aroma of mint or lemon, to ensure that the result is as effective and pleasant as possible.
Use it every day and give your mouth something to smile about!

Up to 700 million plastic dental floss containers are thrown away each year. Unlike traditional packaging, this cardboard packaging becomes your floss dispenser.

In addition to being a good choice for our environment, this dental floss is socially responsible. Know that every purchase of dental care products in this range supports and funds projects for children in need around the world! The goal is to help prevent suffering caused by oral diseases with the help of volunteers working with local schools to promote preventive oral care initiatives.

* 100% vegan
* Eco-friendly and biodegradable packaging
* Fair trade

Content: 50 meters per package