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decorative velvet cushions - 55 cm x 55 cm


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zangra's velvet decorative cushions

These velvet cushions are expertly crafted with the same sumptuous fabrics and colour palettes as zangra's collection of sofas. Let your creativity run wild and combine the large and small cushions in different colours. Thanks to the practical zip, the covers can be easily removed for washing.

What is velvet?

Velvet is a fabric that acquires its distinctive appearance through the formation of tiny loops during the weaving process. This fabric is known for its sheen and extraordinary firmness. When you run your hand over velvet, the colour changes subtly, an effect caused by the way the threads are woven. This results in a beautiful colour dynamic that gives velvet its unique character. The origin of this technique lies in Asia and spread to Europe around the year 1400. A related variant of velvet is velour, in which the small loops are cut, resulting in a less shiny finish.