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construction kit for wooden sailing boat

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Build a sailing boat with your child with this construction kit
This is an ideal opportunity to introduce your child to the basics of mechanics and woodworking.
Like a real craftsman in the making, you will teach your child to develop fine motor skills.
All supplies are included.

Length of the sailboat: 37cm
Width of the sailboat: 11cm
Height of the sailboat: 50cm
Completion time: about 4h
Age: 7+
Material used: Pine, spinnaker cloth


Contents :

  • Pictorial instructions
  • Pre-cut wooden board with the marking gauge, the keel and the rudder to be detached
  • A pine board with the hull cut out
  • Spinnaker cloth
  • A wooden dowel for the mast
  • A wooden dowel for the cleat
  • Seals to fix the keel, rudder and sail.
  • A coloured rope for the sheet
  • A wood rasp
  • A sheet of sandpaper
  • Jars of child-friendly wood varnish
  • Butterfly screw
  • A washer
  • Pencil for the marking gauge
  • Pins


Your child will learn to :

  • Carve
  • Sand
  • Varnish

Caution! Not suitable for children under three years old. Use under adult supervision.