Butterfly BKF chair - brown

furniture.021.h furniture.021.h frame + hand stitched leather cover €1,047.38
furniture.021 furniture.021 frame + machine stitched leather cover €970.20
furniture.021.02 furniture.021.02 hand stitched leather cover €879.38
furniture.021.03 furniture.021.03 machine stitched leather cover €802.21
frame.001.b frame.001.b black frame €175.98
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zangra says technical description

'La Mariposa', or the 'Butterfly chair', designed in Buenos Aires in 1938, is also known as the 'BKF chair', named after its three creators Bonet, Kurchan and Ferrari. This icon is part of the MoMA collection and has also found a spot in the Frank Lloyd Wright house, Fallingwater.

Argentinian saddle leather