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porcelain toilet paper & soap holder - white

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Porcelain toilet paper holder for a stylish restroom
This toilet paper holder is part of the Pure Porcelain collection designed by zangra, which brings together designed-to-last, simple and practical porcelain items. Join the Slow Design movement.

How high should you hang a toilet paper holder?

You are free to hang your toilet roll holder wherever you want. We at zangra recommend that the toilet paper holder be set between 75 and 95cm above the floor. The ideal distance between the centre of your toilet bowl and the centre of the holder is about 45cm. In other words, approximately 10cm from the toilet bowl. Always hang the toilet paper holder to the left or to the right, but not in front of the toilet bowl.

Do not use an electrical screwdriver
Do not use electrical screwdrivers when installing ceramic or porcelain items. We recommend to first drill a hole in the wall, fit the right plugs inside and use a manual screwdriver to fix the screws in place. Be especially careful during the final tightening of the screws.