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bamboo interdental brush


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Interdental Brushes feature a plastic-free bamboo handle, and are an environmentally friendly complement to your daily dental care. They allow you to clean the hard-to-get-at spaces between your teeth for yourself. You can choose from a selection of four ISO standard sizes. Using these interdental brushes means you not only protect your teeth and gums, but at the same time you protect the environment.

Size 0 : 0.40 mm
Size 1 : 0.45 mm
Size 2 : 0.50 mm
Size 3 : 0.60 mm

Eco-friendly ?
Bamboo is a plant that beats all growth records of growth: up to one meter a day! As they grow, bamboo is easily replaced, which makes bamboo a very renewable material. So using it doesn't contribute to deforestation. Keep your teeth clean while respecting the environment.
After use, rinse and keep in a dry place.

Unlike a tree that grows for 30 years, bamboo can be harvested every year. It is a self-renewing plant that does not need to be replanted. Opting for bamboo-based products means working to conserve and minimize our impact on our environment. Let's reduce our plastic waste and leave a healthy planet for the next generation!

* Bamboo 100% biodegradable (not the brush)
* 100% vegan
* Bamboo grows without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It therefore doesn't contribute to the infiltration of chemicals into groundwater.
* Packaging made of recycling cardboard