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6 glasses - 35 cl

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You can serve with this versatile glass long drinks, cocktails and hot beverages, likewise.
This glass is thick-walled and has a rounded-off rim. The glasses are furthermore stackable and made of specially tempered glass.
Primary we recommend this cocktail glass to gastronomic establishments like bars and restaurants as well as private households.

tempered glass
These glasses are fully tempered and toughened, which makes it extra resistant – five times for resistant than untreated glassware. Tempered glass is economical, resulting in fewer breakages, plus it is safe; when it breaks, it breaks into blunt fragments, to give catering professionals greater peace of mind. Tempered glassware boasts excellent shock and heat-resistance, coupled with exceptional heat-retention levels, provides a glassware that is designed to be long-lasting. Tempered glassware has an increased resistance, but the thickness of the glass is not increased.