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4-season duvet


bed.020.140 bed.020.140 140 x 220 cm (single bed) €454.55
bed.020.200 bed.020.200 200x220 cm €661.16
bed.020.240 bed.020.240 240 x 220 cm (double bed) €764.47
bed.020.260 bed.020.260 260x220 cm €909.51
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A duvet for all seasons!
This 4-season duvet, also called "all-seasons" duvet, consists of a spring duvet and a thin summer duvet. In winter, you easily tie both together with the buttons for a super warm and comfortable winter duvet.
This luxurious down duvet is filled with white superior Polish goose down.

Good to know:

  • Material: 90% Polish goose down; 10% goose feathers
  • Detail: cassette & square stitched so that the down is always evenly distributed.
  • Consists of two duvets: both duvets have loops with buttonholes so that the 2 duvets can easily be combined with each other.
  • Washing instructions: shake regularly. Air in the shade. Have it professionally cleaned.
  • Origin: made in the Netherlands
  • Sustainably produced
  • Label: Nomite

What does the NOMITE label mean?

Down duvets or pillows with the NOMITE label are suitable for people with a dust mite allergy, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of sleeping under a duvet filled with down. This means that people suffering from allergy are not at all dependent on synthetic duvets. After all, when it comes to sleeping comfort, nothing beats down!
If you are allergic to dust mites, you are allergic to their droppings and not to the dust mites themselves. You only suffer from them in high concentrations, and the higher the concentration, the worse the symptoms. Products with the NOMITE label have such a tight ticking that they do not allow dust mites to pass through. These products are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers.