The product is indicated as "out of stock" on the website

Once an item is listed as "out of stock" it is impossible to add this product to your shopping cart, therefore, should you wish to purchase that particular product, you will have to return to our website at a later date.

As soon as more stock becomes available the site will be updated accordingly.
The expected arrival date for the out of stock product will be added to the product page. If we don't know an item's official arrival date, we will just add "out of stock" on the product page without mentioning a date.
Out of stock items can't be reserved. As soon as the product is back in stock, you can purchase it by adding it to your shopping cart!

Your order has been confirmed but you received an "out of stock" notification.
Unfortunately, this can indeed happen.


  • Because we perform stringent quality checks so if your item was the last piece available but it failed our checks, we will cancel the item even if your order was confirmed.
  • Or it may also happen that different customers purchase the same product at the same time, resulting in insufficient stock.
  • Also, as human errors are inevitable, we will sometimes be unable to fulfill your order due to reasons beyond our control.

You will then receive a notification and we will suggest different solutions:

  • We can offer you a full refund of the missing product.
  • If you don’t mind the wait, we can put the complete order "on hold" and ship it out when the missing product does come back in stock.
  • Or we will ship out your complete order and the missing product on back order will be sent later.

Feel free to contact our customer service by filling in our »contact form«.