There is something missing from my order! What do I need to do?

- We may have removed the item due to being out of stock so please check your emails, as we will have notified you.
- Your items may have been sent in separate parcels. If this is the case you will see different tracking numbers in MY ACCOUNT -> ORDER HISTORY. 

If you haven't received an email notification about any changes to your order and you do not see different tracking numbers, but you're still missing an item, please contact us immediately with the following information:

  • Invoice number or picture of your invoice;
  • The number of missing items and the reference (see invoice);
  • A picture of the goods you received.

Our support team will look into the matter and will solve the issue for you as quickly as possible. 

All missing item claims must be made within 3 days of the delivery date of your order!

Feel free to contact our customer service by filling in our »contact form«.