Every day hundreds of orders leave our warehouse. Usually these packages arrive intact. Proper packaging helps to reduce the number of products damaged during shipping. That is why we use heavy duty cardboard boxes suitable for heavy items, made from double wall cardboard. As box filler we recycle old cardboard. Our "cardboard perforator” transformes bulky used cardboard into a shock-absorbant, flexible netting that is perfect for packaging. We think it is important to focus on recycling and re-use to reduce the total amount of waste by using these cardboard mats as packing material.
However, sometimes you could receive damaged merchandise. Customers then often complain about our packaging not having a label with “fragile” or “this side up”. But these stickers do not make any difference. All the courier services we worked with treat the packages with or without sticker in the same way. If it would make a difference we would stick “fragile" stickers all over… really...

zangra immediately issues a refund or replaces the product when you did receive a damaged item. zangra is insured for damage, but the insurance company will never reimburse us the full amount, so it is in our advantage that we do our best to pack your order as good as we can.

Read »here« what to do when you received a broken item.

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