How to cancel an unpaid order?
You do not need to cancel your unpaid order, because it will be automatically cancelled if you don’t make the payment.

How do I cancel a paid order?
If you did go through the payment procedure and have already received a confirmation e-mail, then your order has been placed and paid for. If you still wish to cancel it, please contact us via the contact form.
We will then contact you as soon as possible and make the necessary arrangements for a refund.

What if your order is already shipped?
If your order already left zangra's warehouse, you may refuse the package! Write "return to sender" on the unopened(!) package and give it back to the postman.

What if you accepted the order?
You can always return your item(s) within 14 days (see »return rules«).
Feel free to contact our customer service by filling in our »contact form«.