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wooden nailbrush

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A nail brush made of oak wood and tampico fiber

This nail brush has bristles on both sides. On one side the bristles are longer to clean hands and top of nails. On the other hand, the hairs are shorter and stiffer for good brushing under the nails. This row of hairs is angled to better clean under the nails. The brush is 5.5 cm long and 3 cm high.

What is the Tampico Fibre?

The Tampico fibre is a 100% vegetable product, coming from the Agave Lecheguilla, a plant that only grows in the Mexican desert. The fibres have a highly absorbent property, which makes them perfect as abrasive brushes.
Tampico is a very elastic fibre, but at the same time very resistant. Tampico fibre can absorb water very well and is able to remove even stubborn dirt. It is naturally a very strong fibre and therefore perfect for making scouring brushes, dish brushes, nail brushes, toilet brushes, etc.
Tampico fibre brushes are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic brushes.


* 100% natural
* Oiled oakwood
* Tampico fibre
* Biodegradable
* No plastic