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bottle brush for narrow-necked bottles

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Wooden bottle brush made of tampico fibre

This bottle brush easily reaches the bottom of narrow-necked bottles, decanters or vases and cleans them effectively without scratching the surface.
You can easily hang the bottle brush thanks to the cord attached to the handle.

How to maintain a wooden brush?

Wood is a natural material that can be cleaned with soapy water. It is very important to let the bristles of the brush dry completely afterwards. It is best to hang the brush by its cord until it is completely dry. Let the brush dry after each use before storing it.

* 100% natural product
* Made of beechwood and tampico fibre
* Biodegradable materials
* Zero plastic
* Durable product

What is the Tampico Fibre?

The Tampico fibre is a 100% vegetable product, coming from the Agave Lecheguilla, a plant that only grows in the Mexican desert. The fibres have a highly absorbent property, which makes them perfect as abrasive brushes.
Tampico is a very elastic fibre, but at the same time very resistant. Tampico fibre can absorb water very well and is able to remove even stubborn dirt. It is naturally a very strong fibre and therefore perfect for making scouring brushes, dish brushes, nail brushes, toilet brushes, etc.
Tampico fibre brushes are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic brushes.