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This makes outdoor cooking a lot of fun. With this long handled toast iron you can toast a sandwich above an open fire or babrecue. The metal stick includes a practical locking hinge.

Before first use
1. Before you prepare toasted sandwiches for the first time in this toast iron, you have to remove the protective layer of paraffin, which covers it. To do this, place the toast iron on a heat source until it gets hand-hot.
2. Wipe the toast iron with kitchen paper until it does not absorb paraffin anymore.
3. Pour some vegetable oil (not olive oil, which has a too low burn temperature) in the toast iron and heat the iron on the hearth. Rub the entire toast iron (inside and outside) with the vegetable oil and kitchen paper, so that you have a thin layer everywhere.
4. Finally, remove excess oil as it can become rancid. Your toast iron is now ready for use.

Let the open fire burn down so that you have a nice bed of hot embers.
When you use a barbecue with plenty of briquettes make sure to keep the flame low. Toasting sandwiches on glowing coasts is best.
Preferable use a low and firm grill, to be sure that you can lay the toast iron flat and closely above the hot briquettes/glowing coals.
Keep the toast iron approx. 5 cm away from the coals, so the iron will not char. Use a wooden or plastic spatula to avoid scratching the toast iron.

Clean the toast iron immediately after use and do not leave it dirty overnight.
Place the iron on a heat source until it becomes hand-hot.
Clean it with kitchen paper, then rub the entire toast iron with vegetable oil again.
Pay special attention to the spots where the rust had been.

* Birch wood handle
* 100% natural
* Toxic-free
* Biodegradable
* Organic product
* Durable product
* Plastic free