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Organic Suncare products? Yes, of course it’s possible!
Thanks to 100% natural mineral sunscreens, 100% natural organically produced vegetable oils, and thanks to the properties of Aloe Vera gel which soothe and nourish the skin.

Biosolis’ lab and suppliers are in constant search of ingredients and solutions that guarantee protection, safety, efficiency, and respect for the environment.
Loyal to its mission, Biosolis does not use any petrochemical products (free from silicone oils, paraffins, and synthetic fragrances) in its formulas. The sunscreens that are essential in protecting our skin from the sun are of natural origin and are Nano-Particle free. Thanks to current biotechnology, Biosolis uses quality active ingredients that are clean and pollutant-free, and respectful of our skin and our planet.

Biosolis works with the certification agencies Ecocert Greenlife and the Cosmebio association, who carefully certify the selected ingredients as well as their formulas.
Further, all Biosolis SPF and UVA ratings are inspected by an independent laboratory, and comply with European COLIPA and American (FDA) sun protection regulations.