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sun & rain tarp

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The sun cover and rain fly is made of high-quality fabric, offering unparalleled protection.

* UV-resistant : need a shady place to relax ? This fly cover can withstand hours of direct sun exposure without being damaged – so let the sun cover take the heat.
* Water-repellent : rain? No problem ! Thanks to the polyurethane coating, water and dirt simply roll off the surface.
* Tear-proof fabric : thanks to a special weaving technique, the fabric is durable and tear-proof.
* Easy mounting : the sun and rain tarp can be quickly and easily set-up for an instant escape from rain or sun.
* Convenient storage compartments : the sun and rain tarp features practical compartments at all four corners in which the respective fastening cords can be stowed. When the protection is in use, these compartments act as a safe place to keep your small valuables.
* Coloured mounting pegs : they’re brightly coloured and easy to spot—even at night.

In order to preserve your product, line dry. Do not machine dry.

Includes 2x300 cm ropes and 4x200 cm ropes (Ø 2 mm).
Includes 4 red pegs, packaged separately, for securing your protection.