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S14s LED stick light bulb - opal glass - 100cm

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This tube-shaped bulb provides a mild warm glow, which is why it is often used as a mirror lamp.

What is the difference between a S14s and S14d lamp holder for stick light bulbs?

The small rectangular lamp holders in which the tubular lamps are integrated are available in two different versions: the S14s model and the S14d model.
The 30 cm and 50 cm stick light bulbs offered by zangra have a single base (a pin). The 1-metre stick light bulbs have two bases (two pins).
For 30 cm and 50 cm stick light bulb, you need a single S14d lamp holder. 1-metre linear light bulb have two pins, so you need two S14s lamp holders.

The lamp holders are usually made of plastic or metal, zangra has designed a very aesthetic version in white and black porcelain.
See here the collection of zangra stick lamps with the corresponding lamp holders.

* S14d means that there is only one socket per tubular bulb. The phase (L) and the neutral (N) meet in the socket. Grounding is not necessary (Class 2).
* S14s means that there are two sockets per tubular bulb. The phase (L) is connected to one socket, the neutral (N) is connected to the other socket. Earthing is not necessary (Class 2).

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