How to grow sprouted seeds with a sprouter? | zangra


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How do you make your own sprouted seeds using a sprouter?

Sprouters are specially designed to allow seeds such as watercress, rocket, flax, mustard, chia, basil to sprout so that you can eat them.

  • Soak a tablespoon of seeds in water for half an hour.
  • Fill the glass dish with water and spread the seeds in a thin layer.
  • Place the sprouter in a bright place (not in direct sunlight) and add water daily if necessary.
  • It is important that the seeds do not dry out until the roots appear.
  • Change the water when it becomes cloudy.
  • Rotate the germinator regularly so that the plants grow straight.
  • Harvesting takes place after about 6 to 14 days, depending on the type of seed you have used.

Why is it so healthy to eat sprouted seeds?

Eating sprouted seeds may seem strange, but it's not at all! It is during the sprouting period that seeds are most nutritious. Not only do they have a special taste, but they also provide large quantities of vitamins and minerals. The young shoots are best eaten raw.