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Which nesting box is best for sparrows?
House sparrows nest in colonies. A sparrow nesting box with several nesting spaces is therefore a suitable place to house a whole family of sparrows.
In addition to the house sparrow, you might also find the king sparrow, the great tit and the blue tit. Hang the sparrow nest box in a quiet and somewhat sheltered place.
In winter, the box is often used as a refuge and sleeping place.

Five tips to help sparrows
In recent decades, the sparrow population has declined by hundreds of thousands. This vulnerable bird therefore needs your help. What can you do?

  1. Design your garden with evergreens, dense shrubs and hedges. Choose native plants.
  2. Provide seed mixes and fat balls.
  3. Provide shelter by hanging several nest boxes (sparrows live in colonies).
  4. Provide water baths and dust baths. A pond or water dish with fresh water. A sandy place under a bush, where the sand can remain dry for a long time. If necessary, remove a paving stone and watch the sparrows take dust baths.
  5. Ask your neighbours, friends and family to do the same! Give a sparrow nest box as a gift!