solid fuel cooker with boiler stove - 20kW

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Bring a warm and authentic touch to your home with this cast iron wood stove!

The cooking power (oven or plates) depends mainly on the size of the fire. It is therefore advisable to reload with wood or charcoal on a regular basis in order to maintain a constant temperature.
The oven is located next to the combustion chamber. On the glass, a thermometer indicates the oven temperature. For the actual temperature of the centre of the over, you need to add on about 20°C.
This stove also acts as a boiler and can supply up to 10 radiators.

Product features:
Fuel types: wood / coal
Power: 20 kW / 20 kW
Power for water: 10 kW / 13 kW
Heating power: 10 kW / 7 kW
Yield: 86% / 89%
Smoke outlet: Ø 13 cm rear and Ø 15 cm upper right
Equipped with a water exchanger
The boiler can contain up to 19L of water with a temperature of up to 90°C
Can supply up to 10 radiators
Delivery time: about 6 weeks

The ash drawer must be emptied regularly. The easiest way is to do a quick cold cleaning before each ignition. This step is important as it avoids ashes accumulating which will limit the supply of combustion air.
Clean the glass with a soft, damp cloth or with paper dampened with ash. Care must be taken not to moisten the seal around the door to prevent it from deteriorating too quickly. A window that turns black too quickly is a sign of poor combustion: blocked air supply, wood that is too damp or insufficient pulling.
To prevent rust from forming on the cooktops, quickly wipe off any traces of moisture and avoid allowing pots to cool in order to prevent condensation from forming.
You must sweep appliances that have tubes at least one a year.

Stovetop: 86 x 107.5 x 66 cm
Combustion chamber: 32 x 40 x 41 cm
Oven: 27,2 x 27 x 42 cm

Eco-friendly ?
Wood is a CO2-neutral fuel: the CO2 absorbed by the tree before being felled off offsets the CO2 emissions produced during combustion. In addition, the felled tree is generally replanted, so the carbon footprint is neutral. Wood heating is, therefore, an integral part of a "natural cycle" that greatly reduces our ecological footprint and our impact on global warming.
Wood is a renewable and non-polluting fuel.
It is a local resource (therefore requiring less transport) and generating infinitely less pollution during its exploitation than gas or oil.

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