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soap nuts - neutral

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These shells come from a special tree in the Himalayan mountains. There they have been using it for generations as soap to wash their clothes.
The nuts are really easy to use. They are sold with small pouches that fit exactly 4~5 whole nuts and are usable with colors, blacks, wool, silk, anything. They are a lot cheaper than traditional washing detergent and result in very soft and clean clothes. There is no need to add any fabric softeners as the nuts have this effect naturally.

Soap nuts are the best alternative for the current chemical washing detergent and are sold by zangra (good for 30 washes).

100% pure natural
100% biodegradable

The packaging contains: 150 gr. nuts and a cotton pouch.
The packaging is made of recycled cardboard.

Fill the pouch with 4~5 nuts.
Put the pouch in your washing machine.
After the shells have been used 4 times they can be thrown away together with the house trash as they are bio degradable.