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sisal clothes line

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Clothesline made of sisal

This clothesline is 10 meters long and made of untreated 100% natural sisal.
This sisal cord is three-stranded and has the right tensile strength for many washes. The sisal cord can of course also be used for other purposes.

What is sisal?

Sisal is an eco-friendly, natural fibre and is extracted from the leaves of a succulent plant belonging to the Agave family. The juice is squeezed from the leaves and the fibres are allowed to dry. These dried fibres are spun into yarn. The sisal fibres should not be treated with chemicals. The sisal plant is mainly found in South America and India. The name comes from the port city from which sisal was exported, located in Mexico. Sisal is often used for making rope, brushes or carpeting. It is biodegradable, extremely strong and very sustainable.

* 100% natural product
* 100% biodegradable
* The washing line is not dyed and does not give colour to the laundry
* A sisal clothesline is a perfect alternative to a plastic clothesline.