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solid shampoo with maca root and grapefruit

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Maca root contains iron, vitamin B and vitamin C. The essential grapefruit oil can help reduce dandruff and rebalance oily scalp. Keep in mind that hair soaps are completely natural and it may take a few washes before you see any progress. Rich oils such as castor oil, sweet almond oil and Shea butter have been added to moisturize your hair.
Because of the Maca root, the hair soap has an earthy smell and gives a relaxing feeling.

Eco friendly?
This soap is vegetable-based
Not tested on animals
Made with love
Without palm oil because of its impact on animals and the environment.
About 75% of the soap consists of organic ingredients.
Plastic-free packaging

Wet your hair. Move the hair soap back and forth in different places on the scalp. Massage the soap into the scalp. Rinse out the hair soap.
Don't worry if your hair feels a bit stiff or strange! Rinse your hair again if needed. Preferably rinse with very cold water. If necessary, use a natural conditioner, such as apple vinegar.

Soaped coconut oil*, soaped castor oil, soaped sweet almond oil, soaped shea butter*, water, maca root and essential grapefruit oil, Limonene**
* = organically produced ** = naturally occurring essential oil