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set of 4 organic seed bombs

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Seed bombs with edible flowers

This flower seed mix is a very colourful mix of various types of flowers.
Drop these seed bombs in your garden and after a few weeks you can harvest the edible flowers. They will enhance any salad or dessert. You can eat them fresh or dried, and they will also delight bees and insects.
These seed bombs contain cornflower, borage and marigold.
All seeds are from certified organic agriculture.

Seed bombs with flowers appreciated by bees and butterflies

These organic seed bombs are specially designed for bees and butterflies. As we know, the number of bees and butterflies has been steadily decreasing these past years, which represent a threat to the entire environment. These organic flower seed bombs contain the very flowers that bees and butterflies love, such as phacelia. Phacelia is often visited by honeybees and bumblebees, which is why it is also called bee food. In addition, the flower seed bombs contain red and yellow sunflowers, mallows, buckwheat and other flowering surprises. It is therefore not only important for bees and butterflies, but also very beautiful in your garden.
All seeds are from certified organic agriculture.

When and how to throw the seed bombs?

Drop the seed bombs in your garden and gently press them against the ground. Keep them wet until they germinate. The best time to place them is from April to July.