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reusable coffee filter n° 4 in stainless steel

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Why use reusable coffee filters?

Stainless steel coffee filters are specially designed to drip slowly. This way you get old-fashioned filter coffee! Making coffee is exactly like with the well-known paper coffee filters, but the advantage is that you don't have to throw anything away. You can easily reuse this coffee filter after rinsing! Stainless steel does not give your coffee an unpleasant aftertaste, unlike some paper coffee filters. Choosing these coffee filters is good for your wallet and for the environment!
Can also be used for tea or herbs.

* This coffee filter is suitable for all filter holders no. 4
* Can be put in the dishwasher
* Flat foldable
* Also ideal for holidays
* Food safe

Are reusable coffee filters eco-friendly?

* Stainless steel is non-toxic and will not retain or release any flavours or odours
* Sustainable product
* Packaging made of cardboard
* Zero waste
* Very long life
* Reusable
* Ecologically responsible product
* No trees have to be cut to make this product (unlike paper filters)