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porcelain carafe

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Handmade in Germany.

The story behind zangra's porcelain

Soon after being established in 2009, zangra started to successfully cooperate with different porcelain factories all over the world – a cooperation that continues to this day. In recent years, zangra has spent a lot of time in world’s most famous porcelain cities. From Limoges in France to Jingdezhen in China, zangra was able to work at legendary porcelain factories. So in cooperation with the staff zangra created new models and rediscovered old forgotten molds. A number of old molds were put back in production making new pieces. zangra’s porcelain is still produced by hand, piece by piece. This makes each piece unique. zangra's work proved successful with their products being sold all over the world.

OPTION 1: 21cm tall
OPTION 2: 22cm tall
OPTION 3: 23cm tall
OPTION 4: 24cm tall