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plant watering spike in terracotta

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For indoors or outsides use, these hollow terra cotta spikes are ideal for plants that need a consistent water supply. Simply fill a bottle with water, set the terra cotta spike in the soil next to your plant and insert the bottle into the spike. Water seeps steadily through the semi-porous ceramic, slowly wicking into the soil below the surface. At a glance, a low water level in the bottle tells you it's time for a refill.

How plant watering spikes work
1. Since the terracotta watering spikes are fragile, dig a hole in the soil before pushing the watering spikes into the soil.
2. Make sure the self watering spikes for plants are deep enough to sit securely. Place the watering spikes in the soil with the open top flush with the soil. The further in the ceramic watering stakes go, the stabler it will be, the more moisture will get to the planting media as a larger surface will be in contact.
3. Fill long neck bottle with water then flip it over into the self watering spikes terracotta.You can cover the opening of the bottle with your finger when you are turning it upside down. Remember to place the bottle straight upright.
4. Check the bottle periodically to ensure they still have water. You don’t need to take out the stake, just lift the bottle out and refill the bottle when it is empty.

- Soak the plant waterer in water before use.
- Don’t put too heavy bottle on the ceramic watering spikes unless you have a deep pot or it may cause the pot to tip.
- For small pot, you can use a smaller bottle.
- Some plants may require more water than terracotta spikes can supply in dry and hot summer. You can add some water in addition to what seeps through before leaving.