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organic dog food – chicken 2 kg

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Yarrah organic dog food
This dog food consists of crunchy chunks with organic chicken, MSC fish and organic peas and is for adult dogs of all breeds. Organic dog food is a complete, nutritious and very tasty meal for your dog. This way your dog gets exactly what he needs. This product contains 25% protein and 13% fat and no added sugars.

Is dog food from Yarrah eco-friendly?
*Yarrah’s dog food is free of artificial additives, pesticides and GMO
*The ingredients come from organic farming
*This dog food is better for your dog and for the planet
*No trees have to be cut to make this product
*Recyclable packaging
*No chemical flavours, fragrances or colourings

What is Yarrah’s organic dog food made of?
Dried chicken* (18%), oats*, maize*, wheat*, chicken fat*, rice protein*, soy husks*, peas*, dried MSC herring¹, baobab*, hydrolysed liver*, minerals, sunflower seed husks*, brewer’s yeast, MSC fish oil¹. *Ingredients from Organic Farming