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organic cotton plasters - 30 pieces

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Organic cotton plasters with natural adhesive

The dressings are made of organic cotton and natural adhesive. They are dermatologically tested, microporous to allow the skin to breathe and PVC-free.
The cardboard box contains 30 plasters in 3 different sizes:
10 pieces 7 x 2 cm;
10 pieces 6 x 2 cm;
10 pieces 4 x 2 cm.

* Made from 78% organic cotton and 22% GOTS-certified natural adhesive
* Biodegradable
* Plastic-free
* Made in Europe
* Plasters are individually wrapped in FSC certified paper
* Plasters are GOTS and Ecocert certified

Instructions for use
Clean, disinfect, rinse and dry the wound and the skin around the wound thoroughly. Apply the plaster and press gently to ensure that it adheres well. Change the plaster at least twice a day if necessary. A plaster cannot be used more than once. Store in a cool, dry place.