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natural solid deodorant

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This solid deodorant contains essential oil of palmarosa, whose role is to nibble bacteria! So sweating is not prevented, it is simply made perfectly odourless, which is much better for your body. This deodorant is 100% natural and vegan origin, it is handmade in France.

Sodium bicarbonate: Regulates the pH of the deodorant
Kaolinite: White-coloured Kaolinite component used for its purifying and purifying properties
Lasts as long as two sticks

How to use?
Wet your deodorant in warm tap water, then pass it on your armpits, or rub it directly on your underarms still wet after showering. A thin layer of cream will settle on your skin, enough for it to be effective!

Eco friendly?
* Target zero waste
* 100% of natural origin
* Vegan
* COSMOS Natural label
* Cruelty free label
* No aluminium
* Slow cosmetic
* No plastic
* Cardboard packaging