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What are the benefits of Aleppo soap?

Aleppo soap has a cleansing and antibacterial effect and can be used to clean skin and hair, as well as floors and furniture. The soap supports the natural skin functions and won't dry the skin. This soap is often used for people with acne and psoriasis.

How to wash your hair with Aleppo soap?

Aleppo soap does not contain sulphates, parabens and perfumes, making it an environmentally friendly way to wash your hair. The soap does not irritate your scalp and brings relief to people who have an itchy scalp. Please note that after frequent use Aleppo, makes your hair a little greasier than normal shampoos. Therefore, it is better for people with oily hair to alternate Aleppo with another solid shampoo. People with dry hair will be very happy with this soap! Washing twice in a row gives the best result for clean hair.

The history of Aleppo soap

The history of Aleppo Soap goes back more than a thousand years, originating in Aleppo, a city in north-western Syria.

The soap is poured into blocks then stamped with the soap maker's logo. As the soap dries, the outside of the soap takes on a beautiful brown colour, while the inside remains deep green.

How is Aleppo soap made?

Aleppo soap has been made in the same traditional way since its origins. Each family has its own recipe and manufacturing method, but typically organic olive oil and organic bayberry oil are mixed with lye and then heated to produce soap. Aleppo Soap contains no chemical additives, colourings or preservatives. The only ingredients of Aleppo Soap are organic olive oil and organic bayberry oil in different proportions.

How do you use Aleppo soap?

When you cut the soap in half, you will discover a green soft soap. The added laurel oil has a pleasant fragrance and is antiseptic.
You can either rub the bar of soap directly on your hair, or you can first rub the Aleppo through your hands until it foams up and then you can apply the foam to your hair.
For cleaning carpets, fabric furniture or wooden floors, it is best to make a lather first.

Made from pure olive oil and 16% bay laurel oil.

* 100% vegetable-based
* Dermatologically tested
* Biodegradable
* Free of preservatives
* No synthetic agents
* Fragrance-free