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These are the perfect trestles for side tables or desks.
A bent metal structure similar to an oversized paper clip can be attached to any board turning it into a unique table with no screws or tools required.
It allows you to design your own unique individual pieces of furniture outside the mass market.
Users can use their creativity by using a board or plank from the carpenter, an old cupboard door or just a piece of board material, that is given a new purpose.
This flexible system is ideal for creating everlasting designer pieces as well as temporary setups.

Assembly instructions
By pushing the leg endings towards the middle tick opens at the top side and can be attached to the board. Releasing pressure creates a tight connection with the board.

S -> height: 35 cm / width: 35 cm / depth: 16 cm
M -> height: 45 cm / width: 45 cm / depth: 19 cm
L -> height: 72 cm / width: 65 cm / depth: 29 cm

Board recommendations
S -> thickness: 1,2 - 2,5 cm / width: 35 - 60 cm / max 40 Kg per board
M -> thickness: 1,5 - 2,8 cm / width: 45 - 75 cm / max 50 Kg per board
L -> thickness: 2 - 3,3 cm / width: 65 - 100 cm / max 50 Kg per board

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!
* Reduce waste
* Reuse products
* Recycle material
Learning to reuse items, or re-purpose them for a use different than what they are intended for is essential!
Because we, from zangra, want to reduce waste and limit the consumption of new goods, this building set offers the opportunity to add value to objects by giving them a new life.