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liquid black soap with organic olive oil

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Black soap cleans and degreases.

This black liquid soap is made from the remains of the extraction of French organic olive oil and sunflower oil. It can be used to clean, degrease and polish all surfaces such as tiles, enamel, kitchen surfaces, plastics, toilets, etc.
This eco-friendly black soap contains no palm oil, dyes or fragrances.
It is an economical product with a high concentration of soap (20%).

How much black soap is needed for cleaning?

Three squirts of liquid soap per 5 litres of water is entirely sufficient!

Where to use black soap?

In every household
Apply with a sponge, damp microfibre or mop to the desired surface. No rinsing required.

Washing clothes
To use as a detergent substitute, add approximately 70 ml per 4 to 5 kilograms of laundry.
Gently apply a small amount on the stain for 2-3 minutes before washing, without letting it dry.

In the garden
Use as a spray or directly on the surface to be protected. Helps control aphids.

Environmentally friendly
* Contains 20% soap.
* ECOCERT certified.
* Does not contain palm oil
* Free from colours and perfumes
* 100% natural
* Made in France