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What is a ladybird house?

Designed so that ladybirds can easily crawl inside, this wooden house offers them shelter and refuge. Ladybirds often spend the winter in groups. To make them feel perfectly comfortable, leaves or corrugated cardboard can be placed inside the house.

Why are ladybirds useful in your garden?

Ladybirds are not only a pleasure to watch, they are also very useful guests in the garden. An adult ladybird is the natural enemy of aphids. It also feeds on mealy bugs and spider mites.

Why are so many ladybirds suddenly entering my house?

Most native ladybirds overwinter outdoors in the wild. The native two-spotted ladybird (Adalia bipunctata) and the Asian ladybird often prefer to overwinter in groups in window cracks or inside the house. This period usually spans from November to February. As soon as the outside temperatures warm up, they leave.
If they bother you, you can pick them up with a broom or a hoover with a nylon stocking. Then put them in the wooden ladybird hotel and hang it in a sheltered place in your garden.

Where is the best place to hang a ladybird house or insect house?

  • Hang an insect hotel in a sunny and windproof place.
  • Maximum height: 2 metres
  • Do not place the openings facing southwest, as this is where the rain usually comes from.
  • Always put hay, dry leaves or twigs in the house.
  • Do not move it during the winter months, as you will disturb their hibernation.