honeycomb towel burgundy

bathroom.016.bu.001 bathroom.016.bu.001 40cm x 60cm €4.01
bathroom.016.bu.002 bathroom.016.bu.002 60cm x 110cm €7.01
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bathroom.016.bu.003 bathroom.016.bu.003 100cm x 150cm €15.50
bathroom.016.bu.004 bathroom.016.bu.004 40 x 60cm + 60 x 110cm €11.00
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Honeycomb towels are highly appreciated for their lightweight texture and practicality. The framework, of which they are built, allows fast drying.
This honeycomb type of bath towels is a product produced with pure cotton, a completely natural and environmentally safe fabric.
All towels constructed with this particular process are reduced in size, so they can therefore be stored with ease in the closet, and are machine-washable, without the danger of shrinking or loss of colour.

100% cotton honeycomb (waffle) weave.
the price is for one piece!