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herbal tea - lavender flower

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This herbal tea collection offers a range of six different plants: linden tree, mountain sage, camomile, thyme, lavender and lavender flowers.
These plants grow naturally on mount Ida and mount Taurus in Turkey. These indiginous species grow nowhere else.
They are sustainably hand picked by the last nomadic people in Turkey and therefore enables local villagers to maintain their traditional lifestyle and to protect the regions’ biodiversity.
These herbs are well known for their benefits since Antiquity. Presented with an original primary form these herbs do not go under modification execpt the fact of being carefully dried up to keep their virtues.

Virtues of the lavender flower herb tea (light taste):
- Useful to fight fatigue, depression, blood circulation, hypertension, headaches and insomnia.
- Reinforcing the nervous system and heart.
- Contains a significative quantity of Cineole, an anti bacterial substance, anti allergic, pain killer and
- Full of active substances that have more than 20 anti bacterial characteristics.
- Helps to quit smoking.

Best use:
- Heat water up to 90°C and let sit the infusion for 2 to 3 minutes.

Ecocert certified
Packing in a kraft box.
The box contains 16 stems.
Store in a dry place.