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glass pump bottle - 250 ml

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Using natural and eco-friendly skincare products is very easy.
While plastics gather in the Pacific Ocean and chemicals still pollute our water and soil everyday, one bottle and a few natural products are enough to no longer take part in this ecological disaster.

This reusable glass pump bottle, made from recycled glass, allows a precisely dosed ditribution of liquid soap.

Recipe of homemade hand soap
1. In your recycled glass soap dispenser, add 1/2 cup distilled water first (to prevent bubbles) then 1/2 cup liquid castile soap, followed by 1 tb vitamiun E oil, 1 tb sweet almond oil or olive oil and 20 - 25 drops essential oils. Shake the ingredients together.
2. Shake the soap dispenser before using, then squirt a small amount on your hands as needed, rinsing with water.

* Glass is an inert material that is easy to clean
* Durable product
* No chlorine, phthalate or bisphenol.
* Made in Europe
* Reusable