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floating tea filter

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This stainless steel mesh filter works particularly well with large cups, mugs, teapots and even casserole dishes during food preparation (to hold a bouquet garni for example). Its hat-shaped lid allows the filter to float in water whilst perfectly diffusing the aromas and the flavour of teas, herbal teas, herbs or other infusions. Practical, the lid can ben used as a drip dish for the filter after infusion.

Dishwasher safe.

Did you realise that there's (more than likely) plastic in your tea bags? So many of us don't realise. If you were thinking that those silken teabags were made of silk, you'd be mistaken - they are either made of PET (the same plastic as water bottles) or plant-based plastic (sometimes called cornstarch as that sounds less like plastic, but regardless of name they are classified as plastic).
Fossil fuels should not be used to make single use items! We put our teabags in the compost and the 25% plastic mesh remains, often disintegrating into microplastic. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there!
This tea filter is a nice, environmentally friendly alternative!