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DIY metal rack


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This is a building set to create your own metal rack. This smart system turns you into a real designer ! A bookshelf, a dresser or a coffee table, you can build almost anything. And in no time your dream rack will be there in front of you! The set only contains the metal bars and the corresponding screws. The shelves are not included!

Eco friendly
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!!
Learning to reuse items, or re-purpose them for a use different than what they are intended for is essential!
Because we, from zangra, want to reduce waste and limit the consumption of new goods, this building set offers the opportunity to add value to objects by giving them a new life.

Assembly instructions
Drill one hole on the 4 corners of each board and screw the bars to the boards manually.
An extension set is available if you want a bigger shelf.

Technical data
Bar height = 33.5 cm
Board recommendations
-> thickness: 1.2 - 3 cm
-> width: max 100 cm
-> max 25 kg per board

OPTION 1 : the set includes 8 bars and screws (no boards)
OPTION 2 : the extension set includes 4 bars and screws (no boards)

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