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classic retro wooden boat
x 32cm - blue €38.99
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kids.054.108.r kids.054.108.r 32cm - red €38.99
Out of stock 17cm - blue €17.00
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kids.054.200.r kids.054.200.r 17cm - red €17.00
Out of stock 22cm - blue €23.00
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kids.054.202.r kids.054.202.r 22cm - red €23.00
Out of stock 30cm - blue €77.98
kids.054.400.r kids.054.400.r 30cm - red €77.98
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Award-winning toy wooden boats handmade with love in France, since 1946.
Isn’t it divine? This artisan crafted sailing boats are made using traditional methods and wood from sustainable forests grown in the local neighbourhood. These boats are a beautiful keepsake toy for any child, or for those who just love their boats.

These boats are navigable and should be rinsed with fresh water after use.

Hull length:
n°108 = 32cm
n°200 = 17cm
n°202 = 22cm
n°400 = 30cm