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chantepleure thumb watering can in terra cotta

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What is a chantepleure?

This medieval ancestor of our watering can was used by gardeners of the time to transport collected rainwater. Its name comes from the sound emitted when it is being filled by immersing it in water (it is said that the watering can "sings" chante) and using it for watering (it is then said that the watering can "cries" pleure). It is the ideal accessory for gently watering seedlings and small plants.

How to use a chantepleure?

Hold the watering can underwater to fill. Place your thumb on the hole at the top. Remove the watering can from the water and hold it above the seedling or plant you want to water. Remove your thumb from the hole to water the plant. Place your thumb back on the hole to stop the water flow again.

What are the advantages of a chantepleure?
Young seedlings are easily damaged by the jet of an ordinary watering can. A chantepleure is an ideal accessory for gently watering seedlings and small plants. It can also be used to water the plants on your balcony or terrace or give your indoor plants a little freshen up.

* natural material: terracotta
* no plastic
* sustainable