cast iron cooking pot - 4,5L

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Cast iron cookware is particularly energy-efficient, as the heat is distributed optimally from the base to the walls and stored for a long time.
Suitable for all heat sources, including induction.
This cooking pot is oven-safe.

Prior to first use
Rub the edges of the pot and lid with vegetable oil or fat.

Never use sharp or abrasive objects.
Never put the hot pot in cold water.
Always allow the pot to cool down before cleaning.
Rinse with warm water and wipe off immediately.

The lid
The lid of this cast iron cooking pot is provided with an innovative drip system. It is specially designed to put ice cubes on top of it. In that way the lid stays cold. This helps the water vapour to condensate faster into liquid, which is gathered on the nubs on the inside of the lid. The liquid will then drop on the dish, so its taste and aroma are perfectly retained.