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building kit aluminium retro greenhouse


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This high-quality garden greenhouse can be used as a traditional greenhouse for cultivation or as a winter garden to enjoy the outdoors on cloudy days.
The curved aluminum structure is decorated with a Victorian-inspired frieze, giving it the look a real old-fashioned greenhouse.
The tempered glass windows ensure maximum light input for the cultivation of plants.
This garden conservatory can be equipped with two or three skylights, each consisting of 12 small windows. These skylights open and close automatically by a pump responding to temperature fluctuations. The pump system expands with heat, so that the roof windows are pushed open via a lever mechanism. When the weather gets colder, the windows will close gently again.

The garden conservatory contains an aluminum revolving door that is equipped with a classic door handle and is located at the end facade.

OPTION 1 -> garden conservatory with four facades
OPTION 2 -> conservatory with 3 facades for installation against an existing building

Width of the glass plates: 35 cm

Available options:
* Back panel open for installation against a wall
* Aluminum powder coating is available in other colors
* Aluminum floors
* Custom sizes

Since this product is customizable, the price shown for each size option corresponds to the base price of the product. Once your order has been validated, you will be contacted by our customer service, who will send you a quote in accordance to your order. Only when the quotation has been accepted and paid, your order will be put into production by our manufacturer, who will confirm the delivery time.
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