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Cleaning the toilet is never exciting, but it's a job that can't be avoided. This toilet brush is made of beechwood with natural strong bristles twisted in wire.
When the brush has had its day you can throw it out and it is biodegradable.

How to clean your toilet brush and holder (with natural products)?

People often forget that even our cleaning brushes need to be cleaned! One of the dirtiest things in your bathroom is your toilet brush and its holder.
1. Fill a bucket halfway (or less) with vinegar and fill the rest with water. Submerge your brush and holder in a vinegar-water solution overnight.
2. If needed, scrub your brush with baking soda.
3. Run the brush and holder under hot water.
4. Leave the brush and holder on a towel to air-dry. Storing them damp or wet will result in bacteria growth.  

Untreated beechwood and natural fibre.
No plastic!
Sustainable product