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bleach complex and stain remover

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Bleach and stain removal completely without chemical bleach activator (TAED). Textiles are brightened with environmentally friendly sodium percarbonate. The ideal bleaching effect occurs at 95 °C. Organic stains such as grass, red wine and fruit stains disappear!
Being without any petrochemical bleaching agents, the Sonett Bleach Complex and Stain Remover is not effective in the washing machine but from 50 °C (122 °F) upwards. If the bleaching agent can act for longer, e.g. having the laundry soak overnight in the Bleach Complex, it is effective at as low as 30 °C (86 °F).

Eco friendly?
* 100% biodegradable.
* No synthetic preservatives, fragrances or dyes.
* Made from pure plant based soap.
* Minimal amount of essential oils (from controlled organic cultivation).
* Very skin-friendly and suitable for people with allergies.
* With pure oxygen and without petrochemicals.
* Vegan

In the washing machine, from 50 °C (122 °F):
Suitable for all washable white and colour-fast fabrics made from cotton, linen, hemp and fabric blends.
Unsuitable for wool, silk, rayon, and microfibres.
Removes all oxidizable stains such as fruit, red wine, tea, coffee, grass, blood, etc.
Prevents greying of white fabrics.
Brightens yellowed and greyish laundry.
Dosage: Fill 60 ml / 60 g (2 fl oz US / 2 oz) of Bleach Complex into the detergent compartment of the washing machine during the main washing cycle.
Soaking of heavily soiled garments or laundry which is washable up to 40 °C (104 °F) only:
Dissolve 30 ml / 30 g (1 fl oz US / 1 oz) in a bucket with approx. 3 litres (100 fl oz US) of warm water, add the garments and weigh them down, e.g. with a plate, so that they remain submerged in the bleaching solution.
Leave to act overnight. Then wash as usual in the washing machine.
In the dishwasher:
To remove stubborn tea and coffee stains on dishes.
Dosage: Fill 1 heaped teaspoon (approx. 10 ml/0.34 fl oz) into the dispensing chamber of the dishwasher in addition to the dishwasher detergent.