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bird attracting flower seed mix

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How to attract birds into your garden?

Our bird friends need to eat a wide variety of flowering plants to survive. With this seed mixture, get ready to welcome them into your garden.
Not only will your garden be dotted with beautiful plants, but you will also help to give wild birds a better chance of survival.

Which flowers attract birds?

This mixture contains the following seeds: cos mea, sunflower, flax, nemophila, Damascus nigella, false millet, large poppy, kaffir.

When is it best to sow flower seeds?

It is best to sow in early May when night temperatures are above 10 °C and at a depth of about 2.5 cm in well-drained and sunny soil. Add a little natural fertilizer and lightly pack the soil before covering it with a thin layer of earth and watering copiously.
This mix of bird plants is suitable for a plot of about 10 m² in the sun and partially in the shade.