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beeswax tea lights - 18 pieces

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These tea lights are made from 100% beeswax!

Why buy beeswax candles?

*Pure beeswax candles have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system
*Beeswax candles purify the air
*Beeswax candles strengthen the immune system
*Beeswax candles burn longer than paraffin candles
*Beeswax candles don’t smell chemical, but nice and natural (and they don’t smell when they burn)
*They produce very little smoke
*They are odour absorbers and remove bad odours

Are beeswax candles eco-friendly?

*Beeswax is a natural product
*Without chemical additives
*Beeswax candles are durable
*Without paraffin (unhealthy when inhaled)
*Packaging is made from recycled cardboard
*Wick made of organic cotton
*The beeswax candles are produced without residual waste