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bamboo handy wipes

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For on the go hygiene, but also for your baby or as make up removal!

This bamboo handy wipes are nature's answer to keeping clean on the go.

100% biodegradable, infused with 99% purified water and a teeny-weeny splash of natural antibacterial ingredients.
Silky soft and gentle, use from head to toe!

Unlike a tree that grows for 30 years, bamboo can be harvested every year. It is a self-renewing plant that does not need to be replanted. Opting for bamboo-based products means working to conserve and minimize our impact on our environment. Let's reduce our plastic waste and leave a healthy planet for the next generation!

Price for one pack of 12 handy wipes.

* BPA-free
* Unscented
* 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging
* Product is 100% vegan
* Certified 100% FSC paper:
* Part of every purchase goes to protect plant and animals in endangered rainforests through The Worldland Trust
* Bamboo is naturally hypoallergenic and contains fewer dust particles, which reduces irritation for people who suffer with sensitive skin.

What does the FSC abbreviation mean on my product?

FSC stands for "Forest Stewardship Council". It is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forestry. FSC certifies forests around the world to ensure that they meet the highest environmental and social standards.
When you buy an FSC product, you can be sure that it will not harm our forests.
Deforestation is a serious problem that is destroying forests and jungles around the world. Fires, agriculture, cattle ranching and logging are some of the main causes of increasing deforestation.
With FSC forest management, ecological, social and economic aspects are all taken into account. As a result, there is much less negative impact on the environment, the forests and the animals that live there.
By buying FSC-certified products, you encourage companies to opt for responsible forest management.